Based in Arlington, Virginia, our team of massage therapists provides massage services to businesses, hotels, and private residences in the Greater Washington DC area including Northern Virginia.

Looking to give your employees or co-workers a little escape from their hectic day at the office?
Hire a massage therapist to provide your employees with chair massages!

Chair massage is a healthy way to reward employees for their hard work.
Chair massages are performed in a special massage chair designed to allow the person receiving the massage to relax and remain supported while the massage therapists provides a stress relieving massage. Chair massages can be structured to last anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on the number of employees, time constraints, and your budget.

Chair Massage reduces stress and helps to prevent and ease repetitive stress injuries and stress-related conditions.

HEALTH FAIRS & WELLNESS PROGRAMS: Massage is a healthy addition to your health fair or wellness program!
In addition to the nurses giving blood tests and cholesterol screenings, chair massage is a great addition to any health fair! Allow your employees to receive massage and feel first-hand the stress reduction and benefits of massage therapy!

Chair massage is one of the fastest growing sectors within wellness programs.
Discounts are available for Bi-weekly and monthly chair massage programs.

TRADE SHOWS & EXPOS: Chair massage is a great tool that you can use to promote your business!
Chair massage stations make a HUGE impact at your booth or exhibit!
Attract customers to your trade show booth or expo exhibit with the sign FREE CHAIR MASSAGES!
Our massage therapists will set up our massage chairs and provide massages to your prospective customers.
We can even assist you in distributing business cards and literature!

Chair massage creates a buzz at trade shows and expos and once people tell their friends that your booth has chair massages you are bound to have a line of people at your booth!
Your clients are relaxing and enjoying a massage while you have their attention to promote your products!
It's truly a win-win situation for everyone!


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